Called to Speak – Disabilities & Chronic Illness

As part of the blog hop for Nadine Brandes upcoming novel A Time to Speak, we bloggers were called to speak out on issues that were close to our hearts.

For me, this meant focusing on an area that is as close to my heart as my mother. My brother. My husband. And my own brain.

Disabilities. Whether they are physical, neurological, or even the result of chronic illness, they profoundly affect the way many people live. While Americans live in a culture that supposedly promotes inclusiveness and tolerance, ultimately even the idea of having a disability is often a taboo subject, especially for adults.

Having a disability marks you as someone who needs help when everyone else doesn’t. Someone who is incapable of being normal. Someone who will never quite fit in, because physically, neurologically, or due to illness, you just cant.

A disability makes you…

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