Some of your are confused right now.

sword“Andrew, didn’t you say you weren’t going to ACFW Conference this year?” Yep.

“Didn’t you post on Facebook explaining how you felt God telling you to stay home instead of going.” Absolutely.

“Didn’t you spend part of that week commenting on people pictures and texting your friends saying you wished you were there.” Guilty.

So why am I writing a wrap up post for a conference I didn’t attend? That’s a great question…and I wish I had a great answer.

Ever since I decided (reluctantly) not to go, I have been trying to figure out what God had in mind for me. I spent a lot of time last week asking God “Why am I still here?”. Why am I not around my friends and my family of writers? Why am I missing out on a chance to get some face time with agents and editors and other industry folks? Why don’t I get a chance to get away from the junk of life for a week and just live in the awesome fantasy world where everyone likes to create stories with their brain?

Because you've got to have an elephant at your writer's conference. You've just got to.

A few answers came to mind. It is a busy season with my “real job” right now and it’d but my boss in a major pinch to abscond to Texas for a week. I’m certain that some of it was God simply reminding me that this desire in my heart to tell stories was originally His idea, not mine, and that ultimately my writing career will unfold on His time table, not mine. And on some level, I’m sure that part of it was just God testing me to obey in sacrificing something I really really (really) care about, even when I don’t fully know why.

But in the end…I still don’t get it.

There’s been no silver bullet answer. No “Full House” moment where God sits me down on the couch and say “Well Andrew, the reason you didn’t get to go to Dallas is…” I’m just here, resigned to the fact that, like so many things this side of Heaven, I may not know what God, in His sovereignty, was (or wasn’t) up to.

So I get back to it. Plugging away at revisions on my novel. Fine tuning my short stories. Working hard with a launch team for an upcoming novel (some of which you’ll be seeing on this blog). All the while confidant that God, who called me to tell stories, will has my best interests in mind will ultimately work things out.


ACFW Conference Wrap Up

2 thoughts on “ACFW Conference Wrap Up

  1. Okay, so I’m a huge dork. I read, “Working hard with a launch team for an upcoming novel.” And instantly thought: *GASP* Andrew has a book coming out?!?! How did I not know this? I must know about it! I must spread the word! I must stalk his FB and blog to find out….

    Oh…he’s not talking about /his/ launch team…or /his/ book. #headdesk

    All that to say, the day you DO have a book coming out, I shall be a rabid screamer/reader/stalker. 😉

    Oh a different note: I know it’s hard when God doesn’t show the instant answers to things. But something to keep in mind, maybe instead of keeping you home FOR something, He was keeping you home FROM something. You never know what could have happened at the conference. Maybe things would have progressed with your publishing journey and God didn’t want you rocket-launching forward yet. Or maybe there was a class that would turn your focus somewhere else. Or maybe there would have been a meeting that asked for a proposal/full manuscript, but God still wants to tighten it or inspire a different story, etc.

    It might be disheartening now (or just confusing), but your obedience is all God asks for. And in your obedience He will take you to greater heights on a wilder journey that will totally blow your mind. Because you’re following Him. And for that, I applaud you, friend.

    [end sermon] 😉

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