Secret Spot


It’s January which means I have a lot of time off from my landscaping job allowing me more time to write.

It’s been delightful having more time to work on my book and my Flash Fiction (and blog posts).

The temperatures were pretty bitterly cold most of last week, meaning I didn’t leave the house much unless I had to, but Thursday warmed up and I decided that it was time to get out and enjoy a bit of the warm weather.

So I hopped in my truck and snuck over to my secret spot.

There’s a small arboretum I go to pretty frequently. It isn’t as beautiful as a lot of the other scenery in my area, but it’ll do in a pinch. Not many people know about it even though it’s just on the edge of town (don’t go spoiling it if you know where it is). And on the rare occasion when I run into other people there, they’re usually just looking for some peace and quiet just like I am.


I took this time to pray, snapped off a few pictures of the small lake in the middle of it all, and ultimately just enjoyed the beautiful creation around me, exploring the hidden side trails. I even used the lake as the setting for one of my short stories*.

I’ve experienced several captivating moments with God on those trails. On one occasion I decided to run the trail at night in the middle of a thunder storm and ended up hashing out some sending up talking with God and getting a bunch of frustrations off my chest. The whole experience was quite liberating.

Other times I’ve just gone and enjoyed the silence.

I think we’re all hard wired to enjoy this time away our normal trappings. Some place away from people, or at least the people we know. Away from electronics. Away from dishes.

You don’t need to be “super-out-doorsy” to have your own secret spot. Find a playground and go swinging. Read a good book in the privacy of your basement. I won’t name names, but one of my absolute best friends spends time in cemeteries (cause they’re usually pretty quiet).


Whatever your thing is, find some time and get away from the junk of your life, even if it’s just for a five minute breather.

Do you have your own “secret Spot”? If not you should. When do you know it’s time to go to your secret spot? Where is it (if you don’t mind sharing, that is)? What do you do there? And most important, how do you feel after you’ve been there?

*I never published that story, but I plan on revisiting it sometime this year. 😉


One thought on “Secret Spot

  1. I have three “secret Spots.” If one seems too crowded, I try the next. I know it’s time to visit one of these spots when I need a break from my apartment/work/people or simply want to spend time with God. Two of the spots are right on the edge of time, with short walking trails, (one of which is probably where those pictures above came from). The other is a minute drive right on the lake, perfect for star gazing. If it’s warm out enough, I bring my guitar and usually leave feeling refreshed.

    Thanks for sharing about your “secret Spot.”

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